Ten Top Grosser Movies

The ten top highest grossing movies worldwide are movies making over $250 million globally.

They make that much money and all were still lingering in the mind of people who have watched it.

harry potter

 The following are:

1) AVATAR – released in 2009 with $2,783,918,982
2) TITANIC – released in 1997 with $2,185,672,302

3) MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS – released in 2012 with $1,514,279,547

4) HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: Part II – released in 2011 with $1,328,111,219

5) IRON MAN3 – just this year 2013 has an income of $1,211,992,272

6) THE LORD OF RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING – released in 2003 has $1, 141,408,667

7) TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon – released in 2011 has an income of $1,123,794,076

8) SKYFALL – released in 2012 got a total of $1,108,694,081

9) The DARK KNIGHT RISES – released in 2012 has an average of$1,079,343,943

10) TOY STORY 3 – released in 2010 has a total of $1,063,759,456

 In the year 2013 the Top Grossing Movies are the following according to ranks:

1) Iron Man 3 – Action and rated PG13 -distributed by Walt Disney and released May3has $408,992,272.

2) Despicable Me – Comedy and rated PG- distributed by Universal released July 2 has $357,705,315.

3) Man of Steel – Action and rated PG13- distributed by Warner Bros. and released June 14 has $290,942,556.

4) Monsters University – Adventure and rated G- distributed by Walt Disney June 21, has $265,014,357.

5) Fast and Furious 6 –Action and rated PG13-distributed by Universal-released May 24 has $238,679,850.

6) Oz the Great and Powerful – an Adventure film rated PG – release by Walt Disney on March 8 has $234,770,996.

7) Star Trek Into the Darkness – Adventure and rated PG13 – released May 16 by Paramount Pictures has $228,768,274.

8) World War Z – Action and rated PG-13 – released June 21 by Paramount Pictures with $201,441,087.

9) The Croods – Adventure and rated PG – released March 22 by 20th Century Fox has $187,150,638.

10) The Heat – a Comedy rated R –released June 28 by 20th Century Fox has $157,956,431.

Movie producers and movie goers’ expectation are at times at a low end or high end. These results and figures will be the basis for producers to improve the forthcoming project to reach their goals and give satisfaction to movie fanatics. The demand is high that everybody including the actors/actresses playing the role has to undergo so much pressure just to make it more attractive and realistic to movie addicts. The huge amount of pressure goes to the producer and writers making the plot be more sophisticated and depth that will have a huge amount of turnovers.